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Carrollton AFG
1039 North I-35E
Suite 303
Carrollton, TX 75006


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07:00 PM
10:00 AM

Directions: If heading either northbound or southbound on I-35E, please use the Sandy Lake Rd./Whitlock Ln. exit ONLY.
If coming from northbound I-35E, follow the northbound I-35E service road up to the Sandy Lake Rd./Whitlock Ln. traffic light, stay to the left and use the loop-around just before the light to get to the southbound service road. Get to the right and now follow the instructions below for those traveling south immediately below.
If heading south on the I-35E service road, move to the right lane and watch very carefully for Century Dr. about a half-mile down. Once you see Century Dr, immediately slow down to not miss the almost-hidden driveway. (If you go too fast, the turn-in spot will suddenly appear and you’ll miss it and have to loop all the way around at Sandy Lake Rd./Whitlock Ln. again).
Right after the Century sign, you will then be on the new bridge with a metal rail. Proceed slowly, watching for where the rail curves. You will turn right into the driveway at that curve and proceed down to the first building on the right.
Enter Suite 303. If is it Saturday, we use the big room and you can enter at the front door. If it is Tuesday, please use the side door (to the left) to avoid interrupting the AA meeting in the big room.

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